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Move WSL to another location

· One min read

Move WSL to another location

By default, the Linux distribution is installed on your C: drive. If, like me, you have a D: drive with almost nothing on it, it can be really interesting to move Linux on that second drive.

To do this, please:

  • Run wsl --list --verbose from a PowerShell console; you'll get the name of your distribution (Ubuntu in my case),
  • From a PowerShell Admin console, run wsl --terminate Ubuntu to stop our Ubuntu distribution,
  • On your second drive, create a temporary folder like D:\WSL,
  • Run wsl --export Ubuntu "D:\WSL\Ubuntu.tar",
  • When finished, run wsl --unregister Ubuntu and, finally,
  • Run wsl --import Ubuntu "D:\WSL\Ubuntu" "D:\WSL\Ubuntu.tar"

You will need to do this for every distribution you have installed and if you want to move it.


If you have Docker, you can do the same i.e. move the Docker partition to your second disk.