Christophe Avonture

rue de Pellaines 71, 4287 Racour, Belgique

I am passionate about the world of Open Source, programming in recent years mainly in PHP and other web languages. Also an expert in VBA-Excel that I have been practicing for more than twenty years.

Open Source repositories

You can retrieve all my Open Source software on my GitHub profile . Short description of them here below. Click on a button below to filter repositories to match a specific language.


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1. aesecure_quickscan

PHP script to install on your site (preferably in localhost for better performance) to scan files for viruses. aeSecure QuickScan already RECOGNIZE MORE THAN 45.000 VIRUSES (November 2018) and use whitelist hashes to avoid to scan WordPress and Joomla native files (all versions). Thanks these hashes aeSecure QuickScan already detect more than 700.000 files as healthy.

2. apache_logreader

Interface that allows you to analyze the log of web access to your site's resources and highlight URL attack attempts. Originally, this script was only intended for my personal use; that's why the interface is not necessarily the easiest to use. The tool is intended to be an aid in log analysis to e. g. understand how a website was attacked, by whom and how.

3. avonture

Source for the website


4. base64

Simple javascript base64_encode / base64_decode interface


5. chmod

Reset folder's permissions to 755 and 644 for files, this for the folder where the script is stored and any subfolders


6. excel_formatter

Improves the readability of Excel formulas. Display long formula into a nice HTML output

7. excel_tips

Tips and tricks for Microsoft Excel


8. folder_size

Do you know the size of your website? How many megabytes/gigabytes?


9. github_clone_all

Get the list of repositories of someone and, repo by repo, check if a clone is already present on disk; if not, make a clone


10. htaccess

Some tips and tricks for your .htaccess file (Apache)


11. JD18FR-Initiation-GIT

Dépôt de test pour la session d'initiation à GIT lors du #jd18fr

12. joomla_free

A set of php scripts that will probably be useful to you in your life as a webmaster, including, for example, check_db (for quickly check your Joomla's configuration), kill_db_tables for removing tables based on a prefix, ...

13. joomla_log_admin

You've forgot your Joomla admin credentials but you 've access to your FTP? The log_admin.php script will allow you to connect in your administrator interface without the need to fill in credentials.

14. joomla_mod_agency

mod_agency is a module for the Joomla backend and will display informations about the web agency who's responsible for the site. Name, URL, phone number, email, skype, ... of the person in charge of the daily maintenance of the site. mod_agency has been developped by the JUG Wallonie (

15. joomla_rd_subs

Scripts for the RD-Subs subscription management component for Joomla!®

16. joomla_show_table

Extract informations from your Joomla database and display them in a raw table; allowing to quickly connect that table into a spreadsheet program (like MS Excel)

17. jsonlint

A very simple json beautifier

18. json_encode

Very straight-forward script for encoding string in JSON


19. kill_folders

Very fast way to remove every files in a folder (subfolders included)


20. laravel_tips

Collection of Laravel tips and tricks, including some files like artisan command

21. laravel_todos

Todos Laravel web app - The application is for studying purposes; step-by-step coding of a Laravel app.

22. limesurvey_utilities

Set of small PHP scripts to start a project with LimeSurvey such as, for example, accessing the LimeSurvey database and displaying the list of tables, using the LimeSurvey API,...


23. marknotes

📝 You’re taking a lot of notes and need a solution to manage them i.e. put your knowledge base in one central place and being able to retrieve quickly information’s, display them nicely through the browser as a HTML page or a slideshow, export them in many file formats (docx, odt, pdf, txt, …). Sensitive information’s can be encrypted and notes can be edited online. Online demo: | Stay informed, follow us on Facebook:

24. marknotes_convert

Utility to convert .docx and .odt to markdown. Script for Windows.
Visual Basic

25. marknotes_csv2md

CSV to markdown converter

26. marknotes_install

Installation script for marknotes ( Download the latest version of the tool, install it, finalize the installation and it's yours !

27. marknotes_md2html

Quick markdown to HTML converter: type your markdown, convert in HTML and copy in the clipboard, it's done.

28. marknotes_xls2md

Excel raw table to markdown converter


29. npm_unsplash_background

On every Windows startup use a new background image directly downloaded from Unsplash


30. phpmenu

My configuration files

31. php_grep

This script will allow you to scan files of your website and search for a specific pattern; f.i. a word or a sentence.

32. php_helpers

Some helpers to develop faster in PHP 7

33. php_password

Easy interface for generating a hash for a plain text password. Type a plain text password and get his password_hash() hash.

34. php_tips

Collection of PHP tips and tricks


35. slides_jugw

Présentations de la JUG Wallonie (

36. sql_formatter

Very straight-forward script for formatting SQL statement.

37. ssis_export_flatfiles_spec

Loop any SSIS packages and export the flatfiles connection managers to csv files. Very usefull for getting the description of files and add them, f.i., in your technical documentation.


38. tools_atom

This repository has been archived.
My configuration

39. tools_git_scripts

Script and utilities to make life with Git easier

40. tools_winscp

Small scripts for automation of the WinSCP FTP client (Windows)

41. tools_xyplorer

xyPlorer is a tremendous software; 10k time better than the prehistoric Windows Explorer. This repo to store and share own scripts


42. vba_access

MS Access snippets
Visual Basic

43. vba_decrypt

Remove VBA password required for viewing code in MS Office documents

44. vba_excel_export_code

Just like me, you write Excel macros and you want a simple way to export your code as text files to your hard disk so that you can manage versions and load the code into e. g. GitHub? My vba_excel_export_code script is made for you. From now on it also manages the export of your ribbon.
Visual Basic
Loop all images in a folder and insert them in a worksheet, one image by row

46. vba_excel_import_sheets

VBA macro for trying to retrieve worksheets in a corrupt Excel file
Visual Basic

47. vba_excel_RibbonDropdown

How to very easily load an Excel range into the ribbon as a dropdown
Visual Basic

48. vba_excel_sql

SQL Server to Microsoft Excel. VBA class for Excel to make easy to access records stored in SQL Server and output these data in an Excel sheet; keeping or not the link
Visual Basic

49. vba_outlook_CreateRuleSendToTrash

This is an Outlook macro for creating a rule to send emails to the trash (fight against spam)
Visual Basic

50. vba_outlook_fight_against_spam

This repository has been archived.
VBA code to enhance the use of Outlook and mainly fight against spam, automatically assign emails to categories, ...
Visual Basic

51. vba_outlook_save_pdf

Do you need to export one or more emails to your hard disk as PDF files and remove these emails (or not) once done ? Here is my Outlook macro for this. My usage: take a copy of all important emails on my hard disk for archiving and backup on external disk. Once the backup is completed, the emails are deleted.
Visual Basic

52. vbs_access_export

Export every code objects of a MS Access database (forms, macros, modules and reports code) to flat files, in a batch mode
Visual Basic

53. vbs_access_get_fields_list

VBScript for getting the list of fields in a MS Access database; a .csv file will be generated and directly opened in Excel.
Visual Basic

54. vbs_classes

VBS scripts and classes that will help Windows users to collect a list of files based on extensions and utilities to work with Access, Excel and SQL Server
Visual Basic

55. vbs_convert_LF_CRLF

Convert from LF to CRLF and vice-versa
Visual Basic

56. vbs_count_lines

Scan the current folder, open every .txt files, count the number of lines and display a summary
Visual Basic

57. vbs_sql_extract_stored_proc

VBS script for extracting every stored procedure from SQL Server databases into flat files on disk
Visual Basic

58. vbs_sql_sp_columns

Connect to SQL Server, iterate every tables and generate a .csv file by table containing the table's structure
Visual Basic

59. vbs_utilities

Small, stand alone and straight forward VBS scripts for working with emails, files, folder, ...
Visual Basic

60. vbs_xls2scv

Convert Excel worksheets to csv files in batch
Visual Basic


61. zip_unzip

Need a simple script to take an archive of your website. The repository contains a script to create a ZIP archive of a website (or part of it).


62. _skeleton

Project skeleton


I really love to code and love to refactor my code again and again.

Vingt fois sur le métier remettez votre ouvrage, Polissez-le sans cesse, et le repolissez
— Nicolas Boileau (1636, 1711) in L'Art poétique.

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