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Github - How to find email addresses for most users

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Github - How to find email addresses for most users

You'd like to get in touch with a GitHub user but, e.g., you don't want to post your question as an issue because, e.g., it's not about a specific repository but more generic.

As a result, the problem can be translated in How to find the email address linked to a GitHub account.

Recently, I had this need in order to contact someone with a Docusaurus blog offering a feature that I couldn't find documented on the web. His blog was not on GitHub but other repos well.

It isn't always possible to retrieve the associated email.

Indeed, GitHub provides a.o.t. an option to make the email private in his user settings page.

Using web interfaceโ€‹

Such tool exists on the web like Just copy/paste there and, perhaps, the system will return any used emails associated to this account.

Using parametrized URlโ€‹

GitHub provides, in his public API, the list of public events of a given user.

You can retrieve the email using the following URL: Just replace xxxxxx by the Github user you wish to retrieve the email.

Based on a last commitโ€‹

The first thing is, for sure, to go to a public repository maintained by this person and to find a commit, any commit in fact, that he's made.

On the main page of the repo, locate f.i. the last commit ID he's made:

Last commit ID

Click on the ID and you'll get a new web page with a URL like f.i.<USERNAME>/<REPONAME>/commit/<LONG_COMMIT_ID>. Edit the URL and just append the .patch suffix to it (so now, the URL should be<USERNAME>/<REPONAME>/commit/<LONG_COMMIT_ID>.patch).

Before the suffix was added, this is what the page looked like:

Before adding the suffix

And once added:

Once the .patch suffix has been added

As you can see, the email address associated with the Github account used to send the commit is now displayed.