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Play with Docker and Assembly programming language

ยท 2 min read
Markdown, WSL and Docker lover ~ PHP developer ~ Insatiable curious.

Play with Docker and Assembly programming language

When I was than today, during my studies, I was playing with the x86 Assembly language on my 386DX40 computer; this was in the years 1993-1995. The beginning of Windows 3.1 that I didn't like. If someone had asked me whether graphical interfaces would be successful, I would have said no, of course not.

I remember that I wrote a resident program (TSR for Terminate and Stay Resident) which, once loaded into memory, monitored the keyboard and recorded the keys that had been pressed in a file on the hard disk. And yes, it was a password stealer. Just for fun and, above all, for the challenge it represented.

And now, in 2023, I was wondering whether it was still possible to run .asm files on my computer. It was an excellent pretext for this article.