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Export the list of extensions you've installed in VSCode

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Export the list of extensions you've installed in VSCode

A small tip: by running code --list-extensions in a console (Linux or DOS), you'll get the list of all extensions you've installed in VSCode.

Now, just copy/paste that list and you can send it to a friend Hey, here are the extensions I use. Maybe one or the other will be useful to you..

The output of code --list-extensions will be something like this:


If you've a PowerShell user, you can also run code --list-extensions | % { "code --install-extension $_" } and now the output will look like this:

code --install-extension aaron-bond.better-comments
code --install-extension alefragnani.Bookmarks
code --install-extension bajdzis.vscode-twig-pack
code --install-extension bmewburn.vscode-intelephense-client
code --install-extension bobmagicii.autofoldyeah
code --install-extension calebporzio.better-phpunit

If you're a Linux user, the same thing can be obtained with code --list-extensions | xargs -L 1 echo code --install-extension

And that's nice: now by running these commands you can directly install these extensions.