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Markdown, WSL and Docker lover ~ PHP developer ~ Insatiable curious.


I have been wanting to try Docusaurus for a long time, but today I am stuck at home because of storm Ciaran, which is blowing across Belgium this Thursday, November 2, 2023.

Here is my chance to stay behind the computer and play with a green dinosaur!

Docusaurus Plushie

Docusaurus is an open-source, freely available static site generator (SSG) developed by the team behind Facebook and built on React.

For several years now, I have sworn by Markdown for writing my documentation and Docker for running software through container technology.

The idea of being able to continue working in the same way, i.e. writing a document in .md, pushing it onto GitHub and, thanks to Docusaurus, publishing it on the Internet instantly, appealed to me.

Without having to change much in the way I work, I was able to create this site, not only for fun, but also to bring together a large number of notes I take during my work as an ICT developer, web programmer and devOps specialist, i.e. managing work environments for myself and my colleagues.